Training Practice

St Chad’s Surgery is a GP Training practice. This means the practice will have attached to it one or more qualified doctors training to specialise in General Practice. Each doctor will remain with us for a period of 4-12 months.

We currently have two doctors in GP training. Dr Hannah Bevan and Dr Joyce Muhlschlegel are with us until August and November respectively (maternity leave from December 2016). We are very proud to be a popular training practice in the area and value all the contributions that our ‘GP Registrars’ make to the practice.

All of our Dr’s are involved with training our GP registrars and you may also come across them when working with our wider primary care team.

On some occasions and as part of their training they are required to video their consultations. This is where the consultation with the patient will be videoed and then discussed with their trainer afterwards. On all occasions the patient will be asked if they are happy to have their consultation videoed. This is extremely valuable for the training of the next generation of GPs but there is no obiligation on the patient to take part.