New Patients

We welcome new patients living within the Practice Boundary.

Existing patients who move out of the boundary would normally be expected to register with a doctor nearer their home. Patients living in Somerset (or south of the dashed grey line) are invited to register at Chilcompton. Dispensing services are available at Chilcompton. If you live near the edge of one of these areas, and are not sure, we have larger scale maps at each surgery.

We try to register members of the same household with the same doctor wherever possible, unless another preference is expressed. Patients who prefer to register with a particular doctor or require a female doctor, please specify this preference in writing on application to join the Practice. We will do all we reasonably can to comply with such preferences.

Please contact reception for further information.

You can also register for online services , but will need to provide ID to do so when registering for this service.

New Patient Registration

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